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heading home late wednesday night for the san francisco spca fund-raising event. she had handbag on one side and archie in a carrier in the other. >> i fell asleep. it was an accident. i woke up and he was gone. >> she has been looking for him round the clock going to shelters and filing reports. he is more than a pet. she is registered specially trained service dog. she suffers from extreme anxiety brought on by a plane crash when she was eight. >> with him, i don't feel the need on medication. that is how much comfort he brings me. i'm just devastated. >> so is her husband. he has been at his wife's side every minute since archie disappeared. >> i don't had i it's funny. for me and my wife, that is our little kid. >> they have put flyers for every bart station and what started as a thousand dollar reward has grown to $3,000 thanks to strangers that heard their story. police say they plan to look at surveillance video. >> i can't even wrap it around my head. i would do anything to get him back, anything. >> reporter: as i said there is a $3,000 reward. that amount will likely grow. her
destroyed on the spot. >> new at 11:00, firefighters in san francisco are mopping up a house fire in the haight neighborhood. it begin just after 9:00 tonight. it started in garage and spread to the house. the fire was out in 30 minutes and there were no injuries. >> we have new video to show you from thursday's memorial for the two santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty. butch baker and elizabeth butler were honored at hp pavilion in san jose. this is personal video from officer sam courtney of the highway patrol. he was with the motorcade from santa cruz to san jose, this is how it looked as he made along the highway with fellow officers. you can see the hundreds of people who lined the procession as the officers rode to the memorial. >>> work on the bay bridge is ahead of schedule. that means eastbound drivers will be allowed to use the span as originally planned. they begin pouring concrete on the last piece of the bridge deck. it tooblgd oat easternmost section known as the oakland touchdown. it covers the equivalent of three football fields. >> it will take tw
-- >> he was a former san francisco chief and police professor. >> no officer wants to shoot anybody. and when they do they feel badly about it even if the individual was a serious desperado. no officer wants to use deadly force. another shooting involved union city police. he pointed a gun after running away from a traffic stop. this happened on dire street and media way. >> oh my god. >> san jose police opened fire on a suspect on saturday afternoon. they say he rammed into at least three squad cars and then appeared to be hiding something that was perceived to be a threat. early saturday morning a chase that started in daly city ended in gunfire near candlestick park. an officer shot and killed a driver who police say tried to run from his car and then raised his gun at officers. >> the former chief says he had seconds to make a decision and that court and investigators may spend months on. these shootings will come under scrutiny as well. abc7 news. >> thank you, john. the series of officer-involved shootings comes days after the fatal shooting of officers in santa cruz. lauren b
we are seeing rain near highway 101. as we take to you other parts of the bay area, san francisco is getting some light rain. we were in a little bit of a break, but lake merced boulevard, daly city seeing some of the light rain. and it is stretching toward the peninsula and into the south bay. as you notice around the santa cruz mountains as well, the winds have been gusting at sfo and their 1 in mountain view. the higher elevations 58 to 66 mile an hour wind gusts. oakland out of the south at 33 miles an hour. you need to hang on tight. tomorrow morning when you head out the door give yourself extra time. i let you know how long you will need them. rye the rain didn't keep thousands from turning out to watch the launch of the bay lights project. just after 9:00, the lights switched on marking the official start of a two-year art exhibit. sergio is live now from the embarcadero. sergio? >> reporter: well, a chilly rain and some chopy conditions did make for a pretty soggy bridge lighting event. still people stuck it out and turned it into a party and watched the largest light scu
it will lift the boat up, tugboat will gently pull it out. take it back to san francisco bay and drop it off at marine yard in richmond. reporting live in pacific kashtion i'm allen, abc 7 news. >> all right allen thanks. the recovery effort could get a bit complicated our dry spell business to come to an end. spencer is here now with look on what's on live doppler 7 hd. >> rate now we are not seeing anything except a little offshore cloud. skies mainly clear. certainly don't have precipitation showing up right now but we pull back a bit from the image and show you the wider satellite image pushing cold front which is producing clouds all in the northern northwest corner of the state. here is our forecast for precipitation totals starting at 5:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the point where we expect the rain to again and going until 11:00 o'clock wednesday nature. by 11:00 o'clock bodies night we expect rainfall total of inch and half north bay mountains up to inch in the santa cruz mountains but only quarter inch to half inch in the lower elevation. i'll give you a look at the comple
car suspect this morning. daly city police spotted the car and gave chase. san francisco police joined the suit on highway 101. and then two suspects abandoned the vehicle. the passenger surrendered but the armed driver ran away. when officers approached, shots were fired, scaring residents. >> not something we're used to around here. >> raised the gun at the officers. the daly city police officer, feared for his life. discharged his firearm at the suspect. >> ama: the suspect was shot in the torso and died at the scene. >>> breaking news from the south bay. santa clara county firefighters on the sight of a three-alarm fire. we don't have any information just yet about injuries. we'll bring you more details on this breaking news as soon as it becomes available. >>> tonight, mental health councils say the santa cruz community will benefit from intervention to cope with this week's tragedy. two officer r police officers were shot and killed. one colonel council said the community is so small that many people were just one or two degrees of separation from the victims. a touching gift was
homicide of the year. live in san jose tonight, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> ama: a san francisco club is closed after a shooting left three people wounded. it happened after 330 rich nightclub in south beach. one man is in critical but stable condition in the hospital. witnesses say dozens of shots were fired by one or more gunmen after an altercation. >> a big fight broke out, almost like a rumble. out of nowhere there was shot fired inside the club, there wad pandemonium, people scrambling everywhere. >> employing collected more than 50 pieces of evidence from the crime scene that stretched from the club, um the aley, -- alley, to a parking lot. >>> a victim was pulled up conscious from a house fire tonight in san francisco. the fire broke out in the diamond heights neighborhood shortly after 9:00. this charred mattress is what is left. the victim is hospitalized with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> the racing is back on track in marysville where two people were killed in a freak accident at the raceway a week ago tomorrow. marcus johnson was laid to rest in a private ceremony toda
you. >> we are following breaking news out of san francisco right now where emergency crew are at suspected meth lab. this is happening at home on tap drive near lake merced and you can see in thisw3 live picture that police just took man away in handcuffs. we are told the crews are waiting for hazardous material team to arrive to deal with the chemical inside the property. >> talk about the weather for a moment. second driest start to year on record for san jose. but rain is coming. sandhya is here with live doppler 7hd. >> yes. guess what has developed in the last couple hours. we have some sprinkle right now. the sprivrj have been around ukiah as we take you closer here. trace amounts reported it's he vab ateing. take you to other parts of the region here we see some very light returns around tiburon. beach road. so very few sprinkles around the region. can't rule them out as you look at the satellite and radar, the storm is just off the coast line. i'll let you know when the steady rain will arrive. how long you will need the umbrella and exactly how much rain
are your highs. 71 in san francisco and 80 in santa rosa and 83 gilroy. 76 in oakland. santa cruz got up to 77 in livermore. and 79 degrees in napa. changes are on the way and the changes will include the possibility of rain. i will be back with a look at the forecast in a few minutes. ama? >> sand yaw, thank you. sandhya, thank you. tonight we learn of a serious violation that took place during a field trip for two san jose high schools. they were traveling with a registered sex offender. alan wang is live at andrew hill high school in san jose with the latest. alan? >> ama, this happened on february 13th during a field trip to deanza college. students from here at andrew hill high school and silver creek high school were traveling on buses to the college, and we are told the sex offender was on the bus with the andrew hill students. we were alerted to this situation by a viewer this evening and still waiting to hear back from school officials. we managed to get a kipe copy -- a copy of this letter that went out today. it says a registered sex offender who was not authorized to be on th
. there will three shoot on march 2nd in san francisco, san jose, and union city, and on march 3rd. >> there's another con concert cancelled. and now a tour from the east coast is in jeopardy. sergio quintana is live. sergio, a scheduled concert tonight and another tomorrow afternoon are now off. reporter: a twoat total of 2004 concerts have been canceled. two earlier this week, tonight was as no-good, and the sign has been put up for tomorrow's 2:00 p.m. show. it has been cancelled. ♪. reporter: tickedholders for tonight's concert were met by a trio of wood winds playing outside the box office. the show was cancelled. >> we can'ted to explain to them the situation and have a little music going for them to listen to and enjoy so at least they get something to hear. reporter: as they played and picketed out here, negotiations continued inside over terms for a new contract. these musicians say the san francisco symphony has several grammy awards so they deserve a bump in pay. >> the los angeles philharmonic, the chicago symphony orchestras, so we need to be able to offer competitive salaries
's home in san francisco and found 85 images they say and video on sophisticated computer system. >> being at the house and had he a whole closet downstairs and like had he os own independent server. several computers. several hard drive drives. electronic storage devices. >>reporter: lamb was arrested last week while working at sfo security checkpoint for passengers from overseas flights. he's being held on 150,000 dollar bail. >>> new at 11:00 san francisco police are lacking for the attacker who dragged a woman off a bus in san francisco in an attempt to steal her smart phone. 3 men are wanted in connection with the assault on february 13. take a look at surveillance images of one suspect. police say the victim was holding the phone when one machine tried to grab it out of her hand. victim wouldn't let go of the phone and then dragged off the bus. the other 2 men are accused of blocking the path of any one who tried to help that victim. >> come up next on 7 news at 1 11. pilot gets drowsy aboard a plane and only life line, woman working in air traffic control. who could tell
in san francisco has life threatening injuries tonight. this accident happened just after 3 this afternoon near 19 avenue and the boulevard here. muni spokeswoman said the woman in her 20's was in the right-of-way of that light rail train. nobody else was injure injured. >> sheriff's deputy and cadaver dog searched a creek for more clue after the discovery of a human skull. teenager playing in the creek yesterday found the bones. officials say the skull is not native american because it has fillings in the teeth. if more pwrons found officials may consider a full excavation of that creek. >> let's get a check of the forecast now. spencer. >> is here with the latest on live doppler 7 hd. >> okay. here's our first look at weather for tonight. live doppler 7 ht and lack at sky mainly clear overland areas that notice the fog along the coast and dense patch along the peninsula coast license. current temperature readings under mostly clear sky live view along embarcadero 51 in san francisco and oakland. 53 in san jose. another live view from the high definition south beac
's cathedral in san francisco tonight. john? >>reporter: and there will be a special mass here tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. archbishop wants all parish in the arrest diocese of san francisco to hold special services for the start of the papal conclave n.a matter of hours this is what the one 15 cardinal will see as they enter the sistine chapel to select the next pope. already staff of 90 has been sworn to secrecy including doctors nurses waiters who will assist the conclave. anticipation is building not only in rome but in san francisco where catholic attended 5:30 mass in lower pacific heights. wore hiper had own hope for the new pontiff. >> somebody that draws people in the church. so many people left the church. >> it could be pope from africa. it could be a pope from latin america. definitel definitely, they are talking about a pope from the philippines. i would think it would be great to have a pope from america. of course. >>reporter: before the cardinals again the secret gathering there will be a mass at the vatican featuring a homily that could be a tip off to the kin
not returned our calls about the tweet. >>> new at 11:00, the san francisco man who victimized the foster mother of an abandoned baby born with cocaine in his system is in jail. he was arrested in his hotel room this morning. he was caught on surveillance video at the san francisco halve justice yesterday. he swiped a diaper bag along with cash and credit cards belonging to the foster mother of baby nash. the newborn was born on a sidewalk in december and handed off to a stranger. >>> tonight there are new details in the fatal mauling of a woman at a central californian mall sank pew water. sanctuary. they said volunteers interned and diana hanson was using a cell phone. when the lion pounced on her and killed her instantly. anderson says hanson was following all of the zoo's protocols. the sheriff deputies shot and killed the lion shortly after the attack. >> a positive jobs report for february helped fuel a spectacular end to the week. the dow was up 67 points to a new record high. the 6th straight day of gains. it was good for the nasdaq composite and the s&p. they created 236,000 new
showing up here right over san francisco. the temperature right now 56 degrees. mid50s for oakland, san jose. 48 in half moon bay. we do have rain in the forecast. i will let you know if it will arrive for the weekend or if it will hold off until next week. carolyn? >> see you shortly. >>> a missing scots valley man has been found in a utah library. they say matthew austin abraham is in their custody and undergoing a medical evaluation following a severe head injury. we have surveillance image to show of 8 braye ham in sparks, in eve nef -- of abraham in sparks where a bros driver dropped him -- a bros driver dropped him off. he and a person on the bus were trying to figure out who abraham was. >> he had a couple of names he thought he might be. there was confusion about his identity. this person on the bus helped him and brought him to the library. they did some internet research and was able to find a news article from california and linking one of the names he thought maybe who he is. >> now, the two together contacted the police agency in salt lake who then -- rather the police agen
, he could end up in a state mental hospital. >>> a grassroots effort to save the san francisco tradition of carnival kicked into high gear tonight. community groups in the mission district held an emergency meeting to save the parade and festival that will celebrate its 35th year. the nonprofit says it cannot longer hold the two-day event. the groups mobilized in an effort to get 500 volunteers together. they are also asking done -- donors to contribute $170,000. >> especially businesses in the san francisco bay area to step up and help support carnival and save it and become a sponsor for the event. >> you don't can sell christmas and you don't can sell carnival. >> at this point enough money has been raised to hold at least the carnival parade on may 26th. >>> only on abc news, repair work on a damaged tower is expected to be completed by thursday. this video by californian gin nearing contractors' incorporated shows workers putting on the last large radius panel. they were on track to install three more panels. sky 7hd shows the damage from january when an oil tanker sideswi
will look at the rainfall totals here, half an inch in santa rosa. .14 san francisco and .20 in mountain view and .10 in concord. as you check out the view from the high definition sutro camera this is what you may be facing in the morning. it is fog and it will create poor visibility in spots. the rest of your forecast and when you might need the umbrellas again. >> see you shortly. we now know the names of the marines killed at the that hawthorne army depot. it is rajer mushnick josh taylor of ohio and mason vaderwork and william wild the fourth from baltimore. they range in age from 19 to 26 years old. eight others were hurt in the explosion that happened during a training exercise. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the shell to explode in its firing tube. >>> a man ended up in jail after confronting sheriff deputies with of all things a sharpened deer antler. they arrested him on whit tau customer bluff road. somebody called the sheriff saying he had broken windows on the trailer with the antler. he surrendered after spending an hour in the trailer. he is charged wit
not made an arrest. >> dan: new at 11:00, a close call for san francisco police officers tonight after a suspected drunk driver almost ran right into them. several officers were called out to an argument on mission street north of interstate 280 when a indictment driver suddenly rammed into -- d.u.i. driver that damaged another car. the woman behind wheel was taken into custody. >> also new at 11:00, authorities in santa cruz county are looking for a jail inmate that tricked a guard into releasing him. jesse portion ons with a inadvertently released from custody. take a look good look at his face. if you spot him you are asked to call 911 immediately. >> carolyn: weekend is here and it looks like it will be drive one. sandhya patel is here. >> it's a preview of what is to come. we do have clear skies right now. you will notice that the visibility is just terrific from high definition sutro camera looking at downtown san francisco, the city is just sparkling. temperatures is 52 degrees in san francisco. oakland is the same temperature. it is 48 in half moon bay. we are headed toward a c
marriage equality. allen and marcos live in san francisco but recently got married in new york. >> we love each other. married in a city that we fell in love in. i love this guy. want to be able to walk around say this is my husband. completely legal here. >>reporter: on the eve of the supreme court hearing arguments on california prop 8 she sent this would the woman she wants to marriage. >> not just for straight people i want to get married. this is my lover and hope she says yes and hope the supreme court says yes. >> they love each other a lot and i support them a lot they are really cool. >>reporter: then time to take the message to the street. march and castro to city hall. >> several thousand people joined in the march escorted by police. >> important for the world to see that. this is real people lives and we want same equality as everybody else. >>reporter: we were overhead as the march wound its way down market street. to the steps of city hall. where the rallying cry got even louder. >> supervisor scott weiner and nine years ago we made history in this bui
. san francisco is 51 and we have 52 in san carlos. half moon bay is 45 and santa cruz 51. this was the last full weekend of winter. spring also arrives and so does the rain this upcoming week. we'll talk about that coming up. >> leigh, thank you. oakland police took several people into custody after an early morning hop side lead to a standoff. officers surrounded the crime scene at 25th avenue and international boulevard for about 10 hours. the trouble began about 1:30 this morning. that's when two shooting victims showed up at a local emergency room. one of them died from his injuries. officers removed several people from the home when the standoff finally ended around 11:30 this morning. no word from police if anyone detained has been arrested for this shooting. >>> two teenagers are headed to juvenile jail for at least a year after a judge found them guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl. it is a case that's divided an entire time. larry jacobs has the story. >> for a minimum period of yon year. >> reporter: moments after the juvenile court judge handed down the sunday
for you. san francisco is 50 degrees. we have 54 in oakland. san carlos is clear in your neighborhood. 51. we have 45 in half moon bay. right near the coast, we may see a little patchy fog overnight tonight. but get ready for nice warming as we head into the middle part of the workweek. we will look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. >>> in less than 48 hours, the cardinals of the roman catholic church will have cast their first ballot in the conclave to elect a new pope. now, a day of prayer and church politics. >> reporter: from the pews to the pulpit. >> the only begotten son of god -- >> reporter: on this second consecutive sunday without a pope, the weighty decision a you head for the 115 cardinals who will elect the next leader of the roman catholic church. >> let us pray that the holy spirit is with the church to choose a new pope which will confirm us in our faith. >> reporter: cardinals from around the world stepped into the role as parish priests celebrating mass at their honorary churches in rome. this is their day of rest. after six long days of sp
gate bridge means there is no longer a need for san francisco's unofficial ambassadors like jackie dean. >> we are not object obsolete. >> jackie is leaving a long career and a lot of friends behind. >> we are family whether we get along or not. we have all been through it together. >> eliminating 28 toll takers will save the bridge district about $16 million over eight years. >> the savings of doing this automatically and electronically it is unavoidable. >> there are now four ways to pay tolls. using a fast track transponder, register your license and a credit card with the bridge district. make a one-line payment on-line or wait for an invoice in the mail. but despite months of getting the word out many admit that they didn't get the memo. >> i think i heard about it, but i didn't know when it happened. >> others heard of gridlock from confused drivers wondering what to do. >> there will be waves of people stoping and backing things up. >> ace move forward it is a couple steps back, but a move forward. >> a couple of toll takers remain on duty. they hope it will be smooth. the bridge
with information is urged to call san francisco police department. >> ama: to developing news. a seven-year-old boy visiting an antioch home with his family has been shot. appeared this afternoon on william reed drive. nick smith is live in the newsroom with the details. reporter: police responded to the house on william reed drive just after 4:00 p.m. this is the second shooting on that street in the last ten days. >> radio: in stable condition with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> i spoke with the antioch police department. he department is investigating the shooting of a seven-year-old boy. >> at night -- at this point it appears not a random act. >> police say the seven-year-old and his family were visitors to this home. >> several shots were fired, and unfortunately the seven-year-old child was the person struck by the gunfire. reporter: investigators believe the gunman took a position here and fired at the unsuspecting crowd gathered below. >> at this point it appears there was -- the backyard had several people in it. reporter: the boy was hit bay single bullet and was airlifted from the sch
the north bay to the south bay. kahn see near san francisco a little bit of cloudiness there and all the way up toward santa rosa and cloverdale. live doppler 7hd picking up no moisture. there is no rain expected for at least 24 to 36 hours. we could see a few changes into the latter part of the workweek. san francisco 49 and half moon bay is is 45 degrees. our chance for some showers this week are dwindling right now. we will look at the forecast coming up. >> thank you so much. >> family and friends in santa rosa said goodbye to a 14-year-old boy killed in a tragic racing accident. 1200 people packed the santa rosa bible search for the memorial service for marcus johnson. the crowd over flowed to other areas of the church. gina johnson had the strength to say goodbye to her boy who was taken from her in an instant. >> forever we will feel the warmth of your smile, marcus, your heart felt embrace, the magic in your eyes and the gentleness of your soul. >> marcus was killed when he was hit by a sprint car driven by his cousin, chase, march 16th at the race way park. the 68-year-old race way
's recovering from the wound. >> new at 11 state lawmakers from san francisco taking a local approach to stopping gun show at the cow palace. facility sits on state owned property straddling the san francisco san mateo county licenses. bill calls for supervisor from his both counties to approve a gun show permit. that's almost impossible requirement for promoters. assemblyman mark leno promoting the bill tomorrow with local anti-gun activist. last gun show at the cow palace in january saw record turn out days after the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut. >> in an abrupt turn around all charges have been dropped against redwood city school teacher who was cussed of abusing autistic students. 9 counts of misdemeanor abuse against electionies were based on statements by classroom aide who said she slapped kicked and withheld food from 2 5-year-ol 5-year-olds. pros can youtors now agree that there are inconsistency in the accusations and the charges were dropped for lack of credible evidence. >> new at 11:00 man car jacked by ex lapd officer chris corner filed claim for all of th
the highs for today. it was warm out there. seven-day forecast 3 in san francisco. close to 80 degrees in santa rosa. 75 clear lake and oakland and concord and fairfield and livermore, all 76. redwood city 78 and san jose 78 and it was 80 degrees in gilroy. the only exception half moon bay where the fog held your temperature down 57 degrees. let's check out live doppler 7hd right now and i will show what you it looked like from perspective. certainly clouds around and a little green showing up, but none of this is reaching the ground. it is moisture in the atmosphere evaporating because the low-levels are so dry. on the subject of dry, our see yarr yaw snow back -- our sierra snowpack is running low. the higher elevations above 7,000 feet may see a couple of inches by sunday night. santa rosa 56 degrees. livermore is at 63. pretty mild there still. 61 in los gatos. we are looking at clouds and fog overnight tonight. a shower chance on saturday night now. and it is going to be wet on easter sunday. so here is a look at the system. this is the storm that will be responsible for bringing
. it is foggy out there. the temperatures in san francisco 50 degrees, 54 san carlos and san jose, 53 in half moon bay, 48 degrees. 80s coming to parts of the bay area tomorrow and i will be back to show you where and when rain might be showing up. dan? >> thanks very much. we will see you in a few minutes. there are a lot of angry parents at a preschool in the east bay tonight, and they want answers. that's after a former teacher tied up a two-year-old little girl with masking tape because she wouldn't take a nap. abc7 news reporter john alston is live and sounds like the meeting got pretty heated tonight. >> they didn't get the answers they wanted. we also learned the two-year-old girl is no longer at the school and four or five other parents have also pulled their children from the center point christian school. this closed door meeting was closed at times. parents drove off in a hurry after tonight's 90-minute meeting, in no mood to stop and talk about what happened inside. some were clearly upset about what they heard or didn't hear. >> there were people who were highly frustrated, and t
definition sutro camera to downtown san francisco. visibility good here but in half machine bay fog reducing to quarter of a mile. most temperatures right now in the 50's. santa rosa 49 degrees. this holiday weekend we are expecting some rain. i'll be back with a look at the timing and when you might have some window of opportunity in just a few minutes to get out. >> all right thanks. >> earthquake shook the ground in central california today. 3.8 magnitude struck around ten this morning 7 miles northeast of san simeon near hearst castle depth of less than 5 miles. no injuries or damage reported. >> in san jose tonight some folk fighting the all american restaurant no. big mac there they don't want mcdonald's in their neighborhood. lisa is live at the orchard farm shopping center to explain why. lisa? >>reporter: dan, the developer wants to put the mcdonald's right here. it is rate across the street from a middle school and this has been an empty lot for 20 years. tonight many said they would rather to stay empty than become mcdonald's. >> i have heard from a number of you already.
francisco is .19. you will notice san jose .09. and oakland a third of an inch and much less than that in livermore. we have showers coming, but find out what the latest computer models are indicating as far as who will need the umbrellas tomorrow. it is not everyone. i will be back with the details, ama. >>> san jose police are trying to figure out why a man was stabbed to death. they show investigators looking for evidence at oak grove park this afternoon. that's where police found the body of a man in his late teens or 20s. he was stabbed several times. they are not positive when he died, but believe it happened today. the man charged with stealing a luxury yacht -- >> sorry. and running it aground and preparing his defense from the county jail. the two people arrested with him have been released. 63-year-old leslie alan gardener pled not guilty to grand theft and vandalism charges in court today. he is accused of stealing the 82-foot yacht and damaging it on the shoreline. investigators say the others taken off the boat, 56-year-old lisa modewell and dario mira did not know th
by a racial slur. he chairs the san francisco gop was targeted by the president of a san bernadino republican women's group on facebook. she wrote that dillon's loyalty is to the muslim religion and she will fund it without hesitation. she is not a republican. dillon is actually sikh and imigrated from india when she was a child. >> if you have sensitive feelings you shouldn't be involved in politics in the first place. i have been involved for 25 years. i have gotten over the sensitivity. >> the facebook post has since been deleted. she says her comments were taken out of context. >>> a teen -- teenager's voicemail meeting triggered a lock down near pittsburgh, pennsylvania. it features the teen inning aer wrapping the lyrics from "the fresh prince of bel-air." the secretary thought it said shooting people outside the schools. the lyrics are shooting b-ball which is a reference to basketball. they releasted the teenager -- released the teenager, no harm, no foul. >>> the band, train, is taking a stand. they said they will not headline the 2013 boy scouts national jamboree until the organizat
visibility tomorrow morning. give yourself a little more time. the afternoon highs, 62 in san francisco. 67 napa and 64 degrees in clear lake as you head out to oakland. 70 in antioch and san jose, 68 in palo alto and 70 in santa cruz. temperatures where you should be for this time of year. tomorrow is game one of the bay bridge series. giants are taking on the a's at at&t park at 7:15 and 57 degrees. the temperatures fall mid50s by 10:00 p.m. i would take a jacket if i were you. from sprinkles to a dryer day. maybe some showers on easter sunday. after that we dry it out. live doppler 7hd is on twitter is what you want to follow for the latest bay area conditions rain or shine. get spare the air alerts and power outage info and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. we are all tweeting here. let me just tell you. >> we are. thank you, sandhya. >>> mike shumann is in for larry and giving some sports. >> all good things must come to an end. and the warriors didn't fair much better. they beat them for the third time in four tries. we'll show you how >>> the warriors hosting sacramento
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